The JN Tata Endowment for the Higher Education of Indians has been helping Indian students since 1892 with loan scholarships for higher studies. People consider it a matter of great pride to be called a 'JN Tata Scholar'. There are now more than 5,004 JN Tata Scholars all over the world.

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Artificial Intelligence race with China: Panel to create road map

To counter China's commitment towards artificial intelligence, the government has formed a high-level committee headed by NITI Aayog vice chairman Rajiv Kumar to lay out a roadmap for India's research and development on AI and its applications... 


India Responds to Its Growing Cancer Crisis

Dr. Shailesh V. Shrikhande, MD, of the Tata Memorial Centre, in Mumbai, India and a J N Tata Scholar of 1998, discusses GI cancers in India and how the steps being taken to address them align with the theme of the GI Cancers… 


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Furniture Design

Studies in ‘Furniture Design’ has given a significant platform to the furniture concept and...............