Child psychology

As the name suggests, this field of psychology focuses on the study of child behaviour, growth and early learning, based on brain development in childhood. The spectrum of study falling within the scope of child development is therefore very vast. Some areas have very apparent overlaps, and courses offered in this field come under different banners.
You will find programs that are entirely devoted to early education, providing students with the skills to understand developing – brain capacity and the ability to formulate teaching/learning programs at different stages of growth. These courses also focus on education for children with special needs. Other courses may focus mainly on development, while still others may blend child development and early education. Research is an important aspect in all programs.
Although most Master’s degrees in this field focus on very young children, a few go through to development till the early teens. After graduating, one can work as a child psychologist in a school or in private practice. Early education, family services and child welfare are among the many career options available. Most of these Master’s programs require a background in psychology with some previous study in child development. It is advisable to look for a program that gives you the eligibility for licenced practice.
Tufts University – School of Arts and Sciences.
The Eliot Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development has an M.A. and an M.A.T. (Masters of Arts in Teaching) program, as well as postgraduate degrees in Early Childhood Education. “While early childhood remains a focus, the department’s research and teaching now include virtually every major influence on children’s and adolescents’ lives – including parenting, education, clinical-medical care, and public policy.” ( Research and field work are intrinsic to these programs.
Another option for students is Michigan State University’s College of Social Science. The department of Human Development and Family Studies offers Master’s degrees in Child Development with the choice of a research focus or a professional focus. Those opting for a research focused degree are prepared for continuing their learning with a view to a doctoral program. (
An M.A. in Early Childhood Education, Birth – Grade 2 from NYU Steinhardt, “helps prospective teachers develop as decision makers and reflective practitioners who are committed to work in urban schools and to using the city as a core resource for their learning.” ( Steinhardt also offers a program in Early Childhood without the focus on education.
Kingston University, London, offers an MSc in Child Psychology. The course focuses on the “advanced study of psychological development in children” and includes a module on Typical and Atypical Populations. A part time option is available. (
Wheelock College, Boston, has a campus in Singapore which has an MSc program in Early Childhood Education. The course is offered in partnership with SEED Institute, Singapore. This course is divided into credit based modules, covering a wide spectrum of areas within the field of Child Development Studies. (