The variety in engineering

Engineering remains one of the most sought after disciplines at Masters and PhD levels. Most students tend to opt for well-known disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, electronic, chemical, civil and so on, but there are many more that students could consider. For instance, in addition to civil engineering students could consider structural engineering. Or within electrical engineering, you might like to take a look at microelectronic engineering, a subset of electrical engineering sharply focused on small electrical devices. Or consider the emerging area of mechatronics engineering which brings together mechanical and electronic engineering. Or for the more technologically oriented, there is robotics engineering.
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Some media reports of the last five years have identified some courses as being popular with Indian students. Apart the well-known subjects, they mention areas such as instrumentation & control engineering, industrial and production engineering, metallurgy and materials engineering (
There are universities that offer a Masters in Thermal power and fluid engineering ( To look at universities in Europe offering this, take a look at (
The University of Nantes offers an International Master Degree in Thermal Sciences and Energy (
The Aalborg University offers an MSc in Thermal Energy and Process Engineering ( Brown School of Engineering offers programmes in Fluids and Thermal Sciences Research ( You could look at for new courses in engineering in the US.
One emerging area is Genetic engineering, considered a subset of biotechnology ( Or also take a look at
You could search for integrating emerging technologies with engineering design courses as this will give you a very good of the potential in such integrated courses.