Emerging media and communications

There was a time when communication was a simple matter. Now you need to be well-versed in so many areas to be good at communications. And with emerging media becoming more and more used, the link between the two needs to be better understood. But never was communication more interesting and challenging. People use words like digital too casually and end up trivializing it. This is a serious discipline and can be formally learnt. Not surprisingly, many universities offer courses in this area, although with different kinds of emphasis.

The University of Texas, Dallas offers an MA in Emerging Media and Communication. It says that “The program leading to the Masters of Arts (MA) in Emerging Media and Communication is intended for (a) professionals in fields such as journalism, design, public relations and advertising that are powerfully affected by emerging communicative technologies, (b) graduates with degrees in computer science or related fields who wish to expand their occupational potential by gaining expertise in communication, (c) graduates of programs in the humanities, communication and journalism who wish to expand their occupational potential by gaining expertise in emerging media and (d) teachers on the humanities and other fields that will be profoundly affected by the emergence of new modes of communication and information transfer”.


Boston University’s College of Communication offers an MA in Emerging Media Studies (http://www.bu.edu/com/academics/degree-programs/ma-in-emerging-media-studies/). It says that “A unique component of the Master’s Program in Emerging Media Studies is a year-long collaborative project that blends practical skills with social science insights”.

Quite a lot of useful information on this and related areas can be found at http://www.best-masters.com/ranking-master-communications-in-north-america/ma-emerging-media-and-communication-university-of-texas-at-dallas.html.

Ball State University offers a Master of Arts in Emerging Media Design and Development. As it says, “The information problem—effective storytelling across the wide range of ever-changing communication platforms—is one of the greatest challenges in today’s emerging media environment” (http://cms.bsu.edu/academics/collegesanddepartments/journalism/graduateprograms/emerging-media-design-and-development).

New York University’s Department of media, Culture and Communication offers a Master of Arts in Media, Culture and Communication, offering five areas of research: Global and Transcultural StudiesTechnology and SocietyVisual Culture and Cultural StudiesPersuasion and PoliticsInteraction and Social Processes (https://steinhardt.nyu.edu/mcc/masters/).

For a list of universities offering Masters in Communication (with variations), look at http://www.mastersportal.eu/study-options/268927047/communication-sciences-united-kingdom.html.