It is well understood that happy employees are more likely to give their best rather than disgruntled or stressed ones, leading to greater productivity and efficient functioning. This is where the skills of an industrial – organizational psychologist come into play. Scientifically studying and understanding individual and group behaviour in the workplace enables the psychologist in employee training and human resource development among other things. In countries across the globe, (under varying nomenclatures) this rapidly evolving and much-in-demand field is recognised with set norms for accreditation. Governments and businesses, both big and small, turn to practitioners for help in training their own Human Resource departments, as well for working alongside employees from workers to senior management. This is a well-paid field with many career applications.

NYU runs an M.A. program in I-O. This is a two year program which can be completed sooner if done full-time. It caters to working professionals, giving students some flexibility. Students with the requisite grade may submit an M.A. thesis rather than sit for the comprehensive written exam. Trained graduates learn to “factor human behaviour into the successful business equation by motivating productivity, building resilient leadership, supporting diverse cultures, and managing organiztional change.”


The University of Western Australia offers a Master of Industrial and Organizational Psychology as a two year full-time program comprising of classroom teaching, research, and practical application. A graduate of this program qualifies for professional registration in Australia. (…/master-of-industrial-and-organisational- psychology-coursework)

The M.Sc. course offered by Leeds University Business School is a one year full-time or two year part-time program, and recognised by the British Psychological Society. Fieldwork, seminars and tutorials make up a part of the curriculum, and students also have the opportunity of trying out their skills in an actual business set-up.  (

“Industrial/Organisational and Business Psychology deals with human capital issues and is instrumental in helping businesses become more effective and profitable, as well as improving employees’ well-being and performance.” ( University College London has a one year-full time and a two year part-time course in I-O. Graduates of this course are eligible to work as consultants. Management consultancy and positions as HR professionals are popular career options for students holding this degree.