Molecular psychiatry

Molecular psychiatry attempts to understand the molecular basis of psychiatric disorders. The Molecular Psychiatry Association says that “Varying approaches are being applied and include neurobiology, genetics, brain imaging, biomarkers, brain expression, neural stem cells, animal models and novel drug development” ( The Institute for Molecular Psychiatry at the University of Bonn has this to say: “Our research aims to help solving one of the greatest challenges of biomedical research: understanding how the brain works and how psychiatric illnesses develop. At the focus of our research are molecules that modulate the interaction between the different cells of the central nervous system, which include neurons, glial and immune cells. Most brain disorders are caused by disturbances in brain cell communication or a loss of neurons. Both processes are often intertwined“.

There do seem a wide variety of courses, even if all are not called molecular psychiatry. Hence we have tried to provide an indicative picture of this variety.

King’s College London offers an MSc Genes Environment & Development ( Aston University offers an MSc in Psychiatric Pharmacy Practice ( The University of Birmingham offers a Psychiatry PhD and MSc by Research ( The University of Central Lancashire offers an MA in Philosophy and Mental Health (

For other Masters in psychiatry in the UK, look at Should you be interested in studying in Europe, look at

UT South Western Medical Center offers MS, PhD and a combined MS/PhD programme ( For some differently designed programmes, you may take a look at University of Maryland School of Medicine ( Take a look also at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences (

Melbourne Medical School offers a Masters in Psychiatry, a Masters in Genetic Counseling and a Masters in Adolescent Health and Wellbeing ( The University of Sydney offers a Master of Medicine (Psychiatry) – (

The Department of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University offers a Master of Medicine in Neuropsychiatry (