Computational Statistics and Machine Learning

This might come as a surprise to some but many universities offer a Masters programme in computational statistics and machine learning, even when they offer a Masters programme in machine learning. The emphasis in this programme is on statistics such that students should be able work in any sector based on their skills in computational statistics.

UCL offers a Computational Statistics and Machine Learning MSc which “teaches advanced analytical and computational skills for success in a data rich world. Designed to be both mathematically rigorous and relevant, the programme covers fundamental aspects of machine learning and statistics, with potential options in information retrieval, bioinformatics, quantitative finance, artificial intelligence and machine vision” ( The University of Oxford offers an MSc in Applied Statistics which “has a particular focus on modern computationally-intensive methods and their use in the analysis of data” (

The University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation offers a course in Machine Learning (

The Faculty of Science at The University of Alberta offers an MSc or PhD in Statistical machine Learning, which “may be taken jointly in the Department of Computing Science and in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences. The program emphasizes the theoretical aspects of the design and analysis of machine learning algorithms using tools of statistics and computer science” (

Students may look up New York University and Princeton as both offer a variety of programmes in this area. Or Statistical Machine Learning at University of California, Berkeley (