Defence Systems

We have managed to find only a limited number of universities offering a Masters in Defence systems. There are others but they are open only to defence personnel or citizens.

The Swedish Defence University offers a Master in Defense and Security Systems Development, as an “interdisciplinary, international Master’s program at the intersection of social sciences and engineering. The program has been developed in close collaboration with public authorities and companies in the defense and security sector in order to provide you with knowledge about how technical systems are integrated with people and organizations in order to deal with a complex threat environment.

Defense and Security Systems Development is a two-year program that leads to a Degree of Master of Science in Systems Science for Defence and Security. The program is intended for those who have attained a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or s bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 180 credits, including a minimum of 90 credits in the field of defense, crisis management and security”.


University of South Australia offers a Master of Defence Systems Integration. This program is an ideal career step for a range of engineers and defence industry professionals: mid-career engineers with five or more years’ experience from graduation, working within a defence company who are looking to further their formal engineering qualifications and prepare for a role as a senior engineer or a systems engineer; engineers from small to medium enterprises where the company is seeking to be part of a supply chain for a defence prime, and needs to increase the level of defence engineering knowledge in the company.

This postgraduate degree is offered as part of a suite of three programs (graduate certificate, graduate diploma and master). Each qualification extends to the next, so you can easily transition to a master level qualification.


Guided Weapon Systems MSc

The Guided Weapon Systems MSc is a flagship Cranfield course and has an outstanding reputation within the Guided Weapons community. The course meets the requirements of all three UK armed services and is also open to students from NATO countries, Commonwealth forces, selected non-NATO countries, the scientific civil service and industry.


Temple’s College of Science and Technology offers a Professional Science Master’s in Cyber Defense and Information Assurance. “This 30-credit-hour, interdisciplinary graduate program is designed for professionals in technology-related careers seeking advanced coursework in global cyber security detection and prevention, as well as current laws and regulations”


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers an MS in Unmanned Systems as “a non-engineering degree that focuses on this emerging industry by addressing topics including policy design, ethics, and systems management. Students will gain knowledge in many areas that contribute to the successful operation of missions supported by unmanned systems along a spectrum of autonomy levels — from remote-controlled to human-supervised to fully autonomous”. (